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CNC Shield v3

CNC Shield v3
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CNC Shield v3

  • Up to 4 Axis’s. (4th Axis can clone the X, Y, Z axis’s or run of the D12-D13 pins)
  • Compatable with Pololu A4988 type drivers including the latest DRV8825 drivers.
  • 12-36V Input Voltage. (Only the DRV8825 can run at 36V)
  • Jumper to adjust micro stepping. Up to 1/16 micro stepper with A4988 and 1/32 with the DRV8825 drivers )
  • Breakout pins for :
    • End stops , 2 per axis.
    • Spindle and Coolant control.
    • Abort / Hold / Resume
    • E-Stop

grbl GitHub Link

4th Axis Configuration

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