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About BlueDogBlackDog - We're a small business located in the Abilene, TX area; offering a variety of services for businesses, organizations, and individuals.

  • Custom t-shirts and team uniforms
  • Promotional products and clothing for your business or organization
  • Rhinestone apparel, decals, and accessories
  • Unique gifts personalized to your specifications
  • Decals, banners, signs, and other promotional print items
  • Technology consulting
  • Rapid Prototyping – Coming Soon
  • 3D Printing Supplies


Our human has more than a decade of experience in gap analysis, project management, creating Web pages, wikis, project trackers, calendars, deploying mobile solutions, and consulting for large projects and government clients. BlueDogBlackDog began as a Web development company in 2008, catering to small business customers in Abilene, TX. We quickly found that our customers also wanted promotional items, clothing, signs, and giveaways that reflected their branding to go along with their websites. In October 2010, we began offering these additional services to meet our customers’ needs. Since then, we’ve expanded into retail to the public and wholesale distribution and consulting to other apparel decorators and retailers.  In June 2014, we added Rapid Prototyping and 3D printing supplies, through and

Our Sites:

Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing - and

Direct to Consumer –

Custom Clothing and Gifts for area schools, special events, interests, sports, and more.  Design your own online or choose from popular designs available in the catalog.

Business to Business –

BlueDogBlackDog offers supplies and services for apparel decorators, including contract printing and consulting services. Our promotional products for businesses are great as giveaways, corporate gifts, and prizes for competitions. We also supply team and employee uniforms, including bags, helmets, and safety gear.

Some of the products you will see on are:

  • Team Uniforms - from pee-wee league to the NFL, we've got it covered.
  • Promotional products and business advertising - need pens, baseball caps, decals, magnets, uniforms, t-shirts, signs, or widgets with your logo on them?  Let your company go to the Dogs!
  • Blank products and apparel - t-shirts, bags, hats, drink ware, jewelry, and more for crafters or the trade.
  • Rhinestone supplies - template material, transfer film, hot-fix stones, software, packaging, marketing, designs and templates, and more.
  • Heat applied film and flock materials - exclusive new polyurethane material that will blow your mind!


We are currently a part-time business, consisting of one human and two dogs…. As dogs, we can’t do much but serve as mascots and comic relief, but our human works hard during the day as a scientist and plays harder as a creative genius the rest of the time. The best way to contact us is at; but sometimes you’ll have to wait a bit for a response until our human gets home…we don’t trust the cat to write email, he has horrible grammar skills.

1.75mm ABS Filament
$24.99 $14.99
3mm ABS Filament
$24.99 $9.99
3mm PLA Filament
$24.99 $9.99
GT2560 Board
$40.00 $32.00
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