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Introducing the L-CHEAPO Laser Attachment (as seen on Indiegogo).

If you have a 3D printer or CNC mill, you can easily add a laser to it. It can cut wood, most plastics, paper products, and engrave most materials.


Got a 3D printer? Want to work with something you can't melt?  Burn through it!  With a friggin' laser.  L-Cheapo raised over $39,000 during its Indiegogo campaign.  If you missed it, you can order one here.


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L-Cheapo 10W Laser Attachment - Free US Shipping
  The L-Cheapo 10W is now available! Improvements to previous versions: more powerful, be..
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L-Cheapo 5.6W Laser Attachment - Free US Shipping
In 2014, the L-Cheapo was developed to provide an open-hardware solution to laser cutting. The L-Che..

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