Imprint Methods

We offer many types of decoration methods to meet your needs:

Full Color Digital

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) – This full-color digital process is best for orders up to 100 shirts.  There are no set up fees or screen charges with DTG, and designs can be adjusted according to the shirt size at no extra charge.  The best shirts for DTG are 100% high density cotton.  For recreating photographs, we recommend white shirts for the best detail.  Areas of the print without a thick white underbase are blingable (rhinestones can be added).

Sublimation – For 100% polyester apparel, and ceramic, plastic, and metal gift items, this method produces the best print quality, detail, and longevity.  It is more expensive than traditional printing processes, but once you see the crispness and clarity of your image, you’ll know why.  Fabric items are blingable.

Eco-Solvent – Traditionally used for signs, decals, car wraps, artwork, and packaging, this method also produces high quality images on many substrates.  We can also use it to create full color water-slide and heat transfers for application to items that can’t be decorated by another method due to their material, shape, or low melting temperature. It is also easily incorporated into projects decorated with other methods, like CAD cut signs and apparel, and rhinestones.



We can also create signage and apparel with lettering and simple designs that do not require a digital process.  We use heat press materials for apparel, including holographic, glitter, flock (velvet), foils, and the newest technology in traditional colored heat press vinyl that has unmatched stretch, rebound, and longevity.  It’s great for athletic numbers and lettering and comes in a rainbow of colors, including neon.


Bling designs for apparel, car decals, gift items, horses (yup!), and nearly anything else that will stay still long enough. We can incorporate rhinestones into items produced with the methods above, or use bling on its own.  We never know what we’re going to put rhinestones on next.


DTG Printing vs. Screen Printing

DTG vs. Screen Printing


  • NO Minimums. Print 1 shirt or 100 shirts
  • NO Set up fees
  • NO Screen Charges
  • FULL vibrant color, photo quality gradients & halftones.
  • Size of printed design can be adjusted according to shirt size, at NO charge.


  • Quantity minimums from 36 pieces & up PER DESIGN
  • Set up fees: $25-$30 per design
  • Screen charges: $20 per color, per design
  • Pay PER color, print quality low for gradients & halftones
  • Artwork size change = new charges & screens

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